All you need is love... and neon lights!

Oct 10, 2022

Light up your life with our new neon lights.

Neon lights from Written in Lights

Neon lights were invented in the early days of the 20th Century and these iconic lights soon became popular all over the world. They are sealed glass tubes filled with neon (or other gases) at low pressure, with an electrode in each end which ionizes the gas in the tube causing it to emit coloured light. They are also a great green choice as they require little power to run.

always and forever neon sign

That's the science bit, but it is the aesthetic that we love - these lights looks stunning, especially for your evening events. We've seen neon lights come down in price to such an extent that they are now affordable for the home, for your small business or for your event.

Our neon lights not only look really cool, but also offer your guests a great photo opportunity at your event, adding a modern fun element to your decor.

neon sign

At Written in Lights we have a set range of neon signs with the following messages:

  • Happily ever after,
  • Crazy in love,
  • Always and forever,
  • All you need is love,
  • You and Me,
  • MR&Mrs,

They are all 4 feet square and fit in to our unique stylish frames:

  • Hexagon Frame
  • Moonring Frame
  • Diamond Frame
  • Gold Tube Frame
  • Square Frame


neon always and forever sign

neon signs



Extra neon lights


Client Testimonials

We loved our neon sign for our wedding day! The frame and lighting is beautiful. Service was great and staff are really helpful.